Helping Schools and Businesses Connect.

B2K12 Branding Solutions is a full-service advertising agency that specializes in the niche market of public schools. We help local, regional, and National companies connect with schools and the communities they serve. We offer results-driven, traditional and non-traditional branding services to clients within highly visible K12 spaces. The funds we raise from these services directly benefit school districts, schools, and most importantly, students and their families. We provide win-win branding solutions to companies by empowering them to strategically position their brands in these spaces. The advertising revenue raised from these services provide unrestricted funds to schools so that they may support a broad range of underfunded programs.

We work directly with Large School Districts and businesses to facilitate meaningful and sustainable partnerships. Call 321.917.3961 today.

Develop your
school brand.

Schools today are competing for the best and the brightest students and teachers. We can help improve your school’s image and message. Contact us
for help.

Showcase your
business brand.​

Does your business want to place its brand in front of customers who are teachers, students, and school employees? Contact us
for help.

Promote your brand.

School Districts are powerful mediums that have awesome reach. Use this medium to deliver your message, and position your business as one that supports education.  Contact us for help

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