Academic Program Sponsorships

Your brand supports education and the students who thrive in it. An academic program sponsorship is the way to showcase your brand as one that is in tune with the needs of its community, and its youth. While many of these programs exist and receive funding, the unfortunate truth is that, in many cases, this funding has quickly dwindled. These academic programs and initiatives are often left to rely on community funding and their business partners in order to thrive or even exist at all. Show that your brand is here to ensure the longevity of these programs for generations of students to come. 

Best of all, your sponsorship comes with the valuable branding that marketing with a school provides — it is a partnership after all! Together with the school, we will work together to create marketing opportunities through the schools digital assets, promotional material for that program, physical branding and more. There is an enormous value in showcasing your brand as one that is in tune with the needs of their community, and cares about the quality of education. Your brand’s partnership with the school will be the first thing on the minds of parents, students and staff members that fall exactly within your target market. Get started with your partnership today and get your brand out there as one that supports education. Get started with B2K12 today!

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