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B2K12 Branding Solutions is contracted with large school districts to directly market, promote and sell their advertising products. School districts are very valuable and highly relevant mediums that can be leveraged to effectively brand many types of businesses. This is especially true in Florida, where school districts are divided by county. There are 67 school districts in Florida, many of which are among the largest in the nation. For example, Brevard Public Schools is the 48th largest school district in the United States, and 10thlargest in Florida, serving nearly 70,000 students and employing nearly 9,000 people in 83 schools. Their website generates over 4 million views per year and their Twitter handle has over 10,000 followers. As a whole, the Brevard School District has awesome reach intheir county of over 600,000 people.

Research has shown that people prefer to support businesses that support schools. B2K12 Branding Solutions proudly offers valuable marketing and branding services in a variety of K12 spaces. Advertising in these spaces can have a profound impact on your business’s bottom line. Not only can your business benefit from the broad and powerful reach of a school district, but it can be seen as one that supports education. Who doesn’t want to support businesses that support schools? We offer win-win traditional and non-traditional branding solutions that include but are not limited to:

Develop your
school brand.

Schools today are competing for the best and the brightest students and teachers. We can help improve your school’s image and message. Contact us
for help.

Showcase your
business brand.​

Does your business want to place its brand in front of customers who are teachers, students, and school employees? Contact us
for help.

Promote your brand.

School Districts are powerful mediums that have awesome reach. Use this medium to deliver your message, and position your business as one that supports education.  Contact us for help

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