Car Loop Banner

Everybody knows them, everybody has seen them, in fact, that’s the whole point! A car loop banner is your business’s ticket into the minds of every child and parent passing through the front of the school everyday, usually twice! Whether you are running a coffee shop or retail store, you want to be that first stop for moms and dads in between dropping off the kids and starting their day. If your business is more active in the afternoon, maybe you want to catch their attention at the end of the day. That is the beauty. Your car loop banner set up by B2K12 gives you and your business two opportunities five days a week to capture minds, and inspire business all school year long. Count on the durable custom vinyl material that these banners are made from to hold tough in Florida’s harsh sun, and intense rain, and know that your banner will pop from day one to the last day of school. Parents, students, and staff members alike won’t be able to come or go without seeing you and thinking of your brand first. 

Best of all, advertising through schools shows that your brand is one that is aligned with education. Typically, your investment towards a car loop banner will work to sponsor valuable school programs, or otherwise aid the school with some much needed financial support. Your brand is here to provide that support and your banner is here to proudly showcase it. Think of it as a monument to your partnership! Your brand has values, show that you care for education and for your local community with a car loop banner from B2K12.

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