Fence Banner

Take your car loop banner to the next level. Establishing a fence banner with B2K12 will proudly show your brand shining over any part of the school, leaving a memorable impression to all those who pass. Showcase your brand near the gym, line the fences of the beloved football stadium or baseball field, or show yourself near the cafeteria, theatre, or music program. A fence banner is the perfect way to align your brand not only with education and supporting educational programs, but also to align yourself with the programs you are passionate about. Your fence banner will pair perfectly with your academic program, athletic program, or music program sponsorship. Let your banner hang proudly as a testament to the partnership between your brand, and the students that are grateful for your partnership. 

Fence banners give you the opportunity as a business owner, and as a business to give back to the programs that are important to you and make a difference in student lives. Showcase your brand as one that supports education to teachers, staff members, parents and students alike by being a part of their everyday campus experience. Partner with B2K12 to set up your fence banner today!

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