High School Band/Chorus

Your brand cares about education, and you want to show the world. Show them what else you support by choosing a program that means something to you. Sponsoring a high school band or chorus could be just the push they need for some much needed new equipment, new uniforms, new instruments, or that long sought after trip to a national competition. When you partner your brand with a high school music program, band or chorus, you are giving them the tools they need to reach their fullest potential, and the possibilities are endless! Before long, your brand could be soaring right next to the high school music program of your choice as they march down the field in style, or put their school on the map at nationals. 

Partner with B2K12 to find a high school band or chorus in need of your sponsorship. Count on your partnership to not only elevate the students involved, but your marketing efforts as well. Music is an often forgotten about and underappreciated school program as opposed to extracurricular academics and athletics. Sponsoring a high school band or chorus will showcase your brand as one that not only cares about education, but supports the arts in an in-school environment, and within your local community. Raise your brand’s recognition, word of mouth, and ultimately your brand’s bottom line. Get started with B2K12 today.

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