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Have your brand at the center of your local school by sponsoring a mural wall. You could sponsor an elementary school, middle school, or high school. Being a part of bringing art to a local school near you can make a significant impacton not only your brand but also the students who attend, and the staff that works there. When you partner with a school to bring mural wall art to their hallways, it shows you care about their school and how you want to add to the beauty of their school spirit. Give a local school in your area the beauty of a mural.

Partner with B2K12 to find a wall mural sponsorship opportunity at a local school near your business. This opportunity goes beyond just getting your brand in front of students, but seen as a business who cares about education, art, and beautifying the city. Bringing a wall of art to a school can uplift students, faculty, and staff. Showcase your business as one that supports its local community, raise brand recognition, and see the impact on your business’s revenue. Research has shown that people prefer to support companies that support schools. Get started with B2K12 today.

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