Outdoor Stadium and Gym Naming Rights

From the Spectrum Stadium at UCF to the Hardrock Stadium at the University of Miami, college football is no stranger to naming their stadium after the famous brands of their area. Who says high schools or even middle schools should be any different? Why can’t your brand be that brand? Imagine the team storming the football field as your brand shines proudly above the scoreboard, or fans anxiously filling the bleachers of a gym in your name. Imagine your name being synonymous with the stadium that thousands of students, parents, and teachers will affectionately frequent and create memories in. When those big moments featured in the local newspaper go down in school history, your brand can be right there with them!

Research shows that consumers are more likely to get behind a brand that supports schools and their community. There is no better way to do that than to make your name the centerpiece of everyone’s favorite Friday night activity. Let the community know who you are and showcase your brand as one who supports student athletics!

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