School Magazine Advertisement Opportunities

The connection between schools and parents is secure, and your company can get its name into the hands of parents by utilizing school magazine advertising. School magazines are one-way parents getting relevant information about their student’s school activities and news. 

Be seen as someone who makes this information accessible to the parents. Be a sponsor of your local school’s magazine. A magazine advertisement can help position your business as a community supporter and a supporter of education. 

Schools use your magazine sponsorship as a way to keep the magazine running and a way to fund their school. Get an overwhelming value on your sponsorship by being a necessary fund to the school and, at the same time, building brand awareness with the parents, teachers, and alumni in the community. 

Partner with B2K12, and we can link you with an elementary, middle, or high school today. Let us help you build your brand and select a specialized magazine sponsorship opportunity that will create a mutually beneficial partnership with your local school. Get started with B2K12 today.


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